Beware Of Coming To Cedar Hill Unless You Like Lipsticked Pigs In Words!

City of “Maple” Hill, Texas
The Cedar Trees Have Been Uprooted!

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A minimal number of facts on the website may be, in places, a bit dated.  They are being constantly being updated.  The city is doing very well with your tax money.  Their cup runneth over! 

The latest 2019 to 2020 fiscal year budget, which began in October 2019, shows another across the board, 3% “merit” increase for all city employees!  This is about 8 years in a row of increases, dating back to the 2012-2013 budget, as far back as budgets are available on the city’s website. Actually, the 2013-2014 budget showed a 4% increase.  Find that in private industry!  It is presumed that all city employees are meritorious.

This site is dedicated to taxpayers who are not represented by an HOA, do not have a business interest in the city or own land in the city center TIF (see Tax Increment Financing page), are not employed by the CHISD or the city, are not naive and gullible and susceptible to the massive PR machine that exists at the city and CHISD, have a considerable amount invested in their private property and get taxed commensurate with its value (See Property Taxes and Communism tab), and get nothing but trouble from the city and school system for the taxes they pay, and that includes paying for the lipstick on the pig and the compensations of some of those that put it on.

Take a look at the tab labeled $60M Water Tower Called Joe Pool Lake.  What you see might surprise you.

There are two Cedar Hills.  One is described by the Chamber of Commerce’s, city staff’s, board’s and commission’s, politicians’, and school system’s PR. 

The other is described by the content of social media applications, one of which is called NextDoor.  It would be instruction for all citizens of Cedar Hill to get an account on Nextdoor, even if they do not intend to post.  One can sign up for emails of “Top Posts” and see what the citizens really think of the city of Cedar Hill.

And then there are the word-of-mouth experiences of many.

And here are some interesting statistics.

“The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Cedar Hill is 1 in 30. Based on FBI crime data, Cedar Hill is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Texas, Cedar Hill has a crime rate that is higher than 86% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.”

These two Cedar Hills differ quite a lot! 

And beware of NextDoor posts of those who get their paychecks from the city, and there are some, or who are on boards or commissions.  They may be a bit biased.  You will know them by their surnames.

And a traffic study to justify The Jane apartments (whatever happened to Aspire at Preston Trail – guess they looked at Preson Trail and decided to change the name) at Straus and FM 1382 says what it needs to say to justify The Jane apartments.  It is a bit like the traffic study for the light complex at the state park entrance that stalls out 30 cars during the rush hour for one car to turn left.  There was no traffic study!  There never was a problem getting out of the state park before because of all the lights either side of the entrance that made for giant gaps in the traffic.  Now there is!

The $20M or so, 3-story library, is coming to Pioneer Trail across from the Uptown apartments and within walking distance of Hooters.  The city and its appointed committee have ordained it.  Some ask stupid questions like what does the city of Cedar Hill need a 3-story library for.  A few answers might be:

1) Grand Prairie, Duncanville, DeSoto do not have one that big.
2) The current library is not large enough for the homeless to spend the day or get lost in and spend the night.
3) It will bring the CHISD TEA grade up from a C to maybe a DISD B.
4) There is no answer.

Cedar hill could start an initiative like Dallas and attract some homeless.  Actually that may be the only good use for the library.

There are a number saying they are headed out of the “Premier City” to Mansfield.  And you might check Dallas Central Appraisal District and see how many absentee landlord/leasors there are in upper middle class parts of the city limits.

Did you like your residential appraisals this year?  Did they seem to hit the rail?  Well, that is no coincidence.  These effects are the result of the taxing entities, cities, counties, and school districts, knowing that tax reform would be passed in Austin this year, and it was, and letting their surrogates at the appraisal districts know they would need as much taxes as possible this year.  As you may or may not know the taxing entities, cities, counties, and school districts nominate and elect the appraisal board of directors.  The board of directors then hire the chief appraiser.  The chief appraiser then hires the appraisal district employees.  If this appears to be an incestuous system then there is good reason to think so.  The board of directors could be elected by the public but the legislature has not seen fit to make that change.

Here is a good one.  Someone sued, in a class action, the chief appraiser of Kaufman County.  It is likely all appraisal districts should have similar suits brought against them.  Anyone? Anyone?

It looks like the latest May 4, 2019 city council election results were a rejection of some and a confirmation of others.  Some local politician’s endorsements were rejected and a county commissioner’s was confirmed.  

Some of the ex-Grand Poobahers have apparently lost their creds because their endorments were rejected.  Their spell has been broken somewhat.

It is also obvious that upper middle class private property owners voted their resentment at having their property continually offended by the now past cabal.

The times they are a changing in Cedar Hill but it is too late for some upper middle class property owner taxpayers.  The damage has already been done.

The peeps, however, are WOKE to a certain extent!

The latest June 8, 2019 runoff results means the ghost of cabals past will still linger at city hall.  Some apparently like the looks of the 299 HUD financed apartments at the corner of Straus Road and FM 1382, emptying out on FM 1382, and want more of the same.  These units have now been named “The Jane”, which is an interesting moniker.  Some must have thought Aspire at Preston Trail was a bit over the top since Preston Trail in Cedar Hill is a dirt road off of Straus Road and bears no resemblance to the one in North Dallas.

And you should have been there at the May 14, 2019 city council swearing in ceremony. Everyone else was.  Well, maybe not everyone.  It was SRO.  Mr. Mason handed the now ex-mayor his gavel, the one he gaveled the crowd  from Shady Brook with that were opposed, and got vocal, to the Fuel City moving into their upper middle class neighborhood at the southeast corner of Joe Wilson and Highway 67.  Can you imagine not wanting a Fuel City in one’s neighborhood?  The ex-mayor and his neighbors would likely welcome such if it was “progress”!  Mr. Mason took his seat as mayor.  Shirley Daniels took her seat as a councilperson as did Mr. Sims.  There were “honorables” there.  Commissioner John Wiley Price was there.  There was a reception afterward with guest tables and food.  Some, who have had enough of what the city has dished out already, relative to their private property debasement, did not stay.  

And some who left their seats have this as their legacy.  Aspire at Preston Trail, now The Jane, Preston Trail being the Cedar Hill version, just seems to be getting larger and larger.  

And now maybe there can be some postitive growth out at Anderson Road and Old Mansfield Road where some have worked hard “to impede positive growth” there.  What is needed is more tax base with a convenience-grocery store and new homes.   Is that not what the city of Cedar Hill is all about – more taxes at all costs.

See case PD-159-2019 at in the 2019 cases

or in one of the currently in review cases at

05_01_19_2019_Development Cases_11_201904301238523450

or as

PD 159 Application_Redacted

Look at the second page of the budget below.  The city staff thanks you as do those who pay less taxes than you do.  You are supporting them.  See anything interesting about the property tax rate and the roll back tax rate.  They are about as close as they can be without the city exceeding the 8% rollback limit and having someone force them to roll back THEIR tax rate.  The legislature is considering lowering the roll back rate to 2.5%.  See the discussion later on.

2019 Adopted Budget_webv3_201811271459286777

The May 2019 election cycle in Cedar Hill is a great waste of time, energy, and money. 

No school board member is going to change the Cedar Hill ISD.  The highly compensated administration runs the school system in its academically hopeless and apparently superintendent challenged state.

No elected city official is going to change the fate of the city.  The staff runs the city unless there is intervention by special interests.  The mold is set for the city with 299 HUD funded apartments at Straus and FM 1382 and all the city center plans and TIF. 

Budget meetings and workshops at the city are met with nods of approval and occasionally just nods by the mayor and city council.  The staff congratulates the city elected officials for their excellent work and the city officials congratulate the staff for a job well done.  Ditto for such entities as the Community Development Corporation.  

Search for Director or Manager in the files below and one can see some will be able to, and may already have, retired as millionaires on tax money.  Three percent raises for five years plus, 200% city match to employee retirement contributions, and excellent medical plans all adds up.  Unless one is a CEO this kind of compensation does not exist in private industry.




So what happened here?

It seems DAs exercise their prerogatives all the time.

And if you need more here are some interesting “relaxations” of law enforcement the new DA of Dallas County has also announced.

This includes certain levels of marijuana use. 

And this is a good one.  “Creuzot said his office will not prosecute theft cases where the value is under $750 unless the evidence shows the theft was for economic gain.”  What does that mean?  That is certainly a lot of groceries.  Sounds almost like a free-for-all at WalMart.

And here is another. “With that in mind, Creuzot said his office will dismiss all misdemeanor criminal trespass cases that do not involve a residence or a physical intrusion into property. All pending cases meeting this criteria are being dismissed and will be referred for outpatient mental health services.”  So get ready to be stepping over people sleeping in front of businesses.  You may be prosecuted for disturbing them if they have posted a DO NOT DISTURB sign!

C’est la vie in Dallas County!  These are certainly interesting times here in the county.

It happens elsewhere as well.

School board members come and school board members go.  Highly compensated superintendents come and they go.  PR and hype comes and seems to never go.  There is one thing that remains constant, however, and that is the quality of the CHISD.  It never changes and never will!

With the never ending PR it is almost like Cedar Hill has an inferiority complex.  Here is one symptom of an inferiority complex.

Craving for Attention. ..

What you may ask is this?  Well, the first photo is a view from across FM 1382 of about 1/2 of what is being put along Straus Road and FM 1382 called Aspire at Preston Trail, or the legacy of those who approved of it.  Supposedly there are going to be 300 apartment units but it gives the apperance of a lot more.

The second view is down  Straus Road and behind the cedar trees shown to the right of the first photo.  There are other buildings behind those in the first and second photo. 

The next view is a photo those who either spoke in favor of the project on January 10, 2017 or voted for it on January 24, 2017.  This develop is one of their significant legacies.

The concrete structures seen in the first image some have called Towers of Babel.  Because the railroad tracks are behind this development and run near the government center some pundits have suggested the city staff could put card tables, chairs, and a large coffee pot in the box cars and the residents of Aspire at Preston Trail could commute to downtown Dallas.

The Grand Poobah/Poobahs Has/Have Left The Building!

These 299 market-rate apartments are being financed with a 40-year term loan through HUD’s 221(d)(4) program.

So what are Fair Market Rate Apartments?  Well, they are apartments that have HUD financing and, it appears must conform to rates set by HUD for areas across the country.  Here is a link to such rates for ZIP 75104.

These are HUD financed apartment units so there is no predicting what their character may be in the future.

Bulletin – there is good news on the tax reduction front.  It is explained in the following link.  Two bills have been introduced in the legislature.  One is SB-2 in the senate.  One is HB-2 and it is in the house.  Both of these measures would reduce the maximum a city could increase your taxes to 2.5% or there would have to be an election to approve the increase.  The maximum increase allowed currently is 8%.  

So, if you like these bills then contact those shown as sponsoring them and then contact any senators and representatives and encourage them to work for the passage.

Obviously cities, including your own, are lobbying against such property tax reduction, including using lobbyists paid for with your tax money!

Ask anyone lobbying against the tax reduction the following question.  What does appraised value increases, and thus your tax increases, have to do with a city’s needs.  The answer – absolutely nothing!

When realtors get up in arms over how the cities handle your taxes then you know there is something wrong!

The state is probably going to do something in the 2019 legislature starting in January but you need to get involved and see that they do.

The city of Cedar Hill stays just below the rollback rate with their tax rate and then brags how they do not raise taxes.  They do however take advantage of appraised value increases and sometimes it seems they do not know how to spend the $1.5 million or so increase in income they receive each year. 

This is what the realtor videos are all about.  

The city has given city employees a 3% raise every year for 5 years or so and of course the 200% match of staff retirement contributions costs quite a lot.  

And what, as an upper middle class home owner, taxpayer, are you getting from the bonds?  Generally it is some asphalt!  What are others getting – a $20 million library and a swimming pool!  What a deal!

Here is a link to the minutes of a meeting on September 20, 2018, held in the city council chambers, where all of the kings horses and all the kings men/women of the city of Cedar Hill gathered to hear three individuals, movers and shakers in Plano and McKinney, in a panel, speak on the topic “How to Overcome Barriers in Creating Great Places”.

One of the things these three kept emphasizing was “great schools”.   They said it at least three times.  

Strike one!  Strike Two!  Strike Three! 

Cedar Hill you are out!

Oh my! 

Dallas ISD got a better letter grade with a B than Cedar Hill ISD did with a C?  When that happens one knows CHISD has a serious problem.  And this C is a an inflated 2018 TEA C and not a 1960s and 1970s legitimate C. 

The Innovation Officer has his/her innovative work cut out for him/her!

As soon as the TEA C came out the students had a new name – scholars.  Lake Ridge is now the “Lake Ridge Nation”.  This is classic Cedar Hill where words are used to distract from the truth!

So what did the now ex-super say?  The fix is just around the corner.  Send money!  That is what the last super said and the last one before that and the last one before that, ad infinitum.

The fix has been just around the corner for decades!


The goat whisperer is at it again.  Full of hot air as usual.
And who can forget the Nextdoor, myopic, sycophantic ninnies?
And what about the Wooly Booger?

By the way, it is not possible to have each person’s IQ in Cedar Hill tested.  However, one can sign up for an account on NextDoor, and not post, but just read the posts, and get a glimpse of the collective IQ of the residents.  It is scary!  These people, many making a living off of the private property owner’s taxes, seem not to be very bright.

And speaking of that, it is almost impossible to find out just what the actual quality of the product coming out of the Cedar Hill Collegiate High School is.  The TEA has turned over reporting of test results to the individual ISDs so they can put whatever spin on the results they want to.  Here is a link to the 2018 CHISD Collegiate High School Accountability Report.  Do you see anything absolute on these pages.  What about the explanations.  Are they really very helpful?

If one does not know better one interprets the above 90’s scores as if the students made 90’s or above on tests.  Notice that testing only accounts for 40% of the “Student Achievement”.  And what is the 94 under the STAAR Performance Score really mean.  What this means is the school has met some kind of TEA standard, over 90% of the time.  So how high is the standard?

Well, finding that is another matter also.  A sample conversion set of tables from raw STAAR scores to some TEA standards is shown below.

Without wasting a lot of investigative time it is instructive to just take the conversion table for June 2018 8th grade as an example.  With some effort one might find the 9th through 12th but that depends upon whether the STAAR was administered for such.

Looking at the “Reading” table, seen below, one sees there are 44 questions.


In order to “Meet Readiness” the test taker only has to score between a 57 and 79.  In the “good ole days” the lower limit was well below a C and generally a 59 was a D or maybe F. 

In the Math table seen below one can squeak into “Meeting Readiness” with a grade of 61 and the top of the range is 88.


There are probably similar tables for 9 through 12 but these tables suffice to show the general conversion.  One can see how the actual testing situation can be obscured.  The numbers published are not conventional test scores.

One has to go to outside sources to see some absolutes for the Collegiate High School.  The only absolute standard left is the SAT and maybe the ACT.  So, here is a starting point.  This link reports national SAT scores.

Here is a report from Great Schools, and independent assessor of public schools. This organization receives funds from the Bill Gates Foundation.

Notice the average SAT score for the collegiate high school is reported to be 1011 out of 1600 with a state average of 932.  Looking at the percentiles in the prep scholar link above, 1011 is below the national average.  This just reflects how bad Texas schools really are.

So what about AP courses.  This seems to be of concern to Great Schools because they say.
“Very concerning:
The number of advanced courses taken per student at this school is far lower than state average.
College admissions officers look at both a student’s grades and the level of coursework taken. Taking advanced courses helps demonstrate that students are willing to challenge themselves. Plus, some advanced courses, like AP, may qualify for college credit and raise the student’s GPA.”

AP course participation 

State avg: 19%
Percentage of students passing 1 or more AP exams grades 9-12 

 State avg: 51%

One can spend a lot of time deconstructing test results for Texas public schools.  One generally finds the results are poorer than they first seem.

The city of Cedar Hill is a PR house of cards.  Take away all the PR and it will collapse!  The city in general also suffers from a bad case of the Dunning-Kruger effect.–Kruger_effect

And then there is the Peter principle.  Some have violated the Peter principle the instant they were hired.

And gee, Nextdoor posting causes this adage to be violated constantly.

Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt


Is this just a bump in the road for some of the Premier City’s Servant Leaders and an ex-Servant Leader or is it more serious?  Only time will tell.  Want to know what a TIF is then see the Tax Increment Financing tab of this website.

The city staff is always saying taxes provide the means of giving citizens what they have asked for.  It is not clear when the taxpayers actually asked for a TIF.  How can they ask for one if they do not know what one is?  And, have they been clamoring for 3% increases in city employee’s salaries for the past 4 or so years?  Did they even know that was happening?  Do they know city employees enjoy 200% taxpayer funded matches to their retirement contributions up to 7% of their salary?  

Here is the start of the 300 apartments at Straus and FM 1382.  These are photos taken in the TreeLess City, at that location.   In the event a ninny thinks the photo was not taken in TreeLess City then that is Hillcrest Baptist on the left and Crescent Point on the right.  And that is a huge pile of uprooted Cedar trees on the right!

The bird is looking for an HUD financed apartment since his natural home is now gone!

Tell this to the bird!

For the latest Cedar Hill ISD tax shell game see the Cedar Hill ISD page. 

And, you better take the survey shown on the latest CHISD mailing at  You can be certain the school system employees will, just as the city of Cedar Hill employees participate in surveys related to the city spending your tax money!


Breaking news in the CHISD Tax Increase Whop-Pertunity!  Because the CHISD school board has been caught with it tax pants down, on August 6, 2018 at its meeting, it had to do something.  Look at the resolution below that it passed.  But after 2028 even these conditions do not apply!  Obviously, the CHISD board takes taxpayers for idiots.  Are you?

You know what the meaning of this is.  The CHISD will put itself in interest and debt repayment jeopardy with their proposed TRE.  Conditions have to be perfect or they will be in trouble and renege.  Why let them get themselves in trouble? 

Vote No!

Oh, just a note about the new traffic light complex on FM 1382 at the state park entrance.  Do those who travel FM 1382 to and from Cedar Hill like it?  Have you notice how it can back up 20 cars, and at times up to 40 cars, for one car to make a U-turn or a couple to come out of the state park?  Do you know what it is for?   Do you know it is not necessary?  Now you have 4 traffic signals to get through coming up the hill to Uptown Blvd.  And then there is getting across Hwy 67!  And can you imagine 300 apartment units at Straus Road and FM 1382.  Well, according to city staff that is what you have been jumping up and down for your taxes to be used for.  Go to the website for more information.

The city council election of May 5, 2018 was already decided before it happened.  Lake Ridge and the city employees saw to that.

November 2017 bonds are on the market.  Both bond rating agencies have them two steps down in rating from the best even though the city has lots of your tax money prospects.  The bond man mentioned why the night of the presentation but it would not be PC to mention it here.  Here is Moody’s assessment of the city’s debt situation.

The credit profile is weakened by debt levels that remain above the median for the rating category, even following repayment of a significant liability associated with its water rights in Joe Pool Lake. Favorably, the city’s pension profile is modest with a strong history of demonstrated commitment to making pension payments at a rate that should result in the reduction of the pension liability over time.

Obviously the pension profile is in good shape.  The city employees come first.  And it appears the “water rights” are really the storage rights.  Joe Pool is a giant water tower owned by the city but someone still has to pay the TRA for the water.

Here are the latest bonds approved by the citizens and city council that voted and  sold to someone.  There are $4,135,000 of them some at 3.5% coupon.

Well, the ones below were not approved by the citizens.  These were voted on only by the city council but not the citizens.  They are a kind of “stealth” bonds.  They came up for a council vote the same time as the bonds voted on by the citizens but they had no fanfare as in the April 2018 Highlights even though their value was more.  There were $5,620,000 of these some with 4% coupon.  Not clear what these bonds are for.

No mention of the stealth bonds here

Apparently those who have awarded themselves the keys to the city of Cedar Hill and think they own it are not too happy with a reality check precipitated by the following Dallas Morning News article that appeared in print and online on November 5, 2017 at

There is quite a howl going up on some local social media.  This was also on Twitter at
And maybe this was actually a Reality Check!  Who knows?

As of the May 5, 2018 council “election” Chris Parvin is gone.  He did good for some!  The ex-chair of Planning and Zoning and president of the Lake Ridge HOA  took his place.  It is presumed he is “ex”.

Thanks Dallas Morning News for giving a forum for the truth!

Got your city and school system tax bill yet.  Trick or Treat!  Trick on you and Treat for the city and school system.

It is dangerous on the streets of Cedar Hill.

Here is an interesting one.  It is not clear who is in charge of the classrooms at Cedar Hill High School.

And what is this?  If you are a taxpayer in the city of Cedar Hill are not your high taxes paying for a police force?  Are there not hall monitors? This is not the first case of a problem of a sexual nature to occur at the ISD.  What is going on in the Premier City’s ISD?

Here is another one and this is at a new, “state of the art” school, at 1208 E Pleasant Run Rd in the city,  paid for with the ISD’s last bonds.

The city of Cedar Hill is constantly putting lipstick on pigs with words.  It makes one’s head spin the city-speak that comes out of the mouths of some.

Here is an independent assessment of the city of Cedar Hill as a place to live.  These people do not use lipstick.  Notice on the absolute measures like public schools and crime and safety the city rates poorly.  On the less important measures the city gets high marks.  Maybe there is an inverse relationship there.  Other ratings related to crime indicate that Cedar Hill has on the average less violent crime that other cities.  However, the city is above the average of the state of Texas in burglaries and theft.  But remember, the city says crime is down 10% from wherever it was!

Taken from

And thank you Lt. Governor Patrick.  This is what has been saying all along.  It is not only cities that are controlled by Democrats but those cities that act as if they are controlled by Democrats.  A tax and spend city government by any other name is still a tax and spend city government!

“Many city officials have criticized the Legislature’s efforts, saying city governments need freedom and flexibility to govern.”

What they mean is the freedom and flexibility to tax and spend!  The Texas Municipal League is the outfit that killed SB-2 in the last legislature.

Have you noticed the Cedar Hill Hooters is fast nearing completion, and actually is completed, just across from Walmart on Uptown Blvd down from the government city? Yes, a Hooters in the Premier City not far from the government center.  So, should the city now be named Hooters Hill?  The one pictured below is located at Green Oaks and I20 in Arlington. Cedar Hill’s sign is much more subdued but sends the same message. There is nothing wrong with a Hooters in its place.
By the way, the Hooters was approved by a 4-3 vote.  Who voted how was not reported in the minutes of the city council meeting.  See  2017-01-10 Regular Meeting Minutes page 4.  Councilman Shaw made a motion to approve and Councilman Haydin seconded the motion and case 2016-48 was approved 4-3.  But other than Councilman Shaw and Councilman Haydin essentially voting in favor the individual votes were not documented.   It apparently is a secret!  One could ask the city this question or request the audio for the January 10, 2017 meeting.

The city of Cedar Hill, or maybe it should be Maple Hill, or is it Hooters Hill, went through an election cycle in 2017 where the power structure felt seriously threatened.  That brought out the worst the city had to offer. The bullies, the vested interests, the political racists, the pharisees, and the obsequious sycophantic toadies all did their nefarious and sometimes possibly illegal part.

So, if you are none of the above, and are looking for good public schools, then you might want to look for another city besides, what some have endearingly nicknamed, Cedar Hell.  The intersection at FM 1382 and Highway 67 bridge is as bad as Cooper and I20 in Arlington and the city wants more residents.  See Magic 50,000 sub-menu item under City Center menu item.  See the Cedar Hill ISD menu item for school quality.
Here is an example of the rating for the high school.
This is an excerpt:
A worrisome sign:
Test scores at this school fall below the state average. This suggests that most students at this school may not be performing at grade level.”

Like the looks of what is described in the article below?  This is Cedar Hill in the near future if not now in a microcosm.

Have something newsworthy concerning activities in Cedar Hill, Texas?  Report it to the Dallas Morning News!

“We are thrilled by the plain envelope full of documents, delivered to The Dallas Morning News, P.O. Box 655237, Dallas, TX 75265, or dropped off by hand at our downtown office: 508 Young St, Dallas. Phone tips 469-657-8067. Or email us at”

By the way, the redistribution of taxpayer wealth was completed by the city of Cedar Hill.  It is called by them the budgeting process.  Did you know that 73% of the budget goes to city employee compensations?  See City Financials menu item and the pdf download link named TotalComp2017.  The city of Cedar Hill does not seem to know that there is no correlation between its needs and the revenues it takes in.  It just spends it all.  See the Property Taxes and Communism menu item.

All politicians are disingenuous to some level, some more so than others. They generally cannot keep their mouths shut and so expose it all the more. They think they have to say something and the more they talk the more they embarrass themselves and cause others to be embarrassed for them.

Have you taken the Bond Survey yet?  Well, it is too late now.  The bonds passed in November 2017 and have already been sold early 2018.  There were some that were not voted on by the citizens that were sold too.  It is a bit hard to catch up to on the city’s website.  It shows up as the third scroll at

The best answer to most questions was “Strongly Oppose”.

And then there is the telephone survey in 2017 where the number surveyed dwindled down to 200.  Yes, 200 views represented the city of almost 50,000. The surveyor said that was enough to produce an error of 6%. Well, theoretically it might be if it was a fair unbiased statistically normal distribution.  However, with a caller ID with Research in the name here are two possibilities of the population not being fair.

  1.  Only the very dumb and/or naive would answer the phone with such a caller ID.  As a consequence they would be uninformed and have no idea what the city does anyway.  Many may not pay much in taxes so they would not care about more spending.  All spending is good!
  2. The word was passed to the city employees who passed it on to their next-of-kin that a bond survey was being conducted with a particular caller ID. Answer the phone and take the survey.  With 362 employees only about half would have to answer the phone to dominate the survey.

Why does everything the city does seem tainted and distorted yet it is characterized by the city as a stroke of genius?  Now 200 individuals will be used to promote the bonds with a new employee paid to do the communication.

One may listen to the second city council bond workshop audio of July 13, 2017 at  

There is more to come in the Bonds and Manniquins menu item.  However, that is now old news.  The Bond Committee was a prototypical city committee with little say in the outcome and the $20,000,000 proposed library a classic sugar coated poison pill to get what the city wants in the rest of the bond package.

So what is this shown below?  Well it is the 12′ concrete “trail” the city has funded down Old Mansfield Road that purports to be a bicycle “trail”. What are the black post “speed bumps”?  Well they demark property owner’s driveways or other entrances on the right side.  They are designed to be removed by the city for the Lance Armstrong pelotonistas with the pointee hats when they participate in bicycle events. However, for the taxpayer bicycle riders they represent dangerous impediments which are bound to catch a pedal.  More proof the city spends taxpayer money for the benefit of outsiders and in this case to the danger of the average taxpayer.  Another sign is there is no parking for citizens and the noise one hears walking down the 12′ wide sidewalk is like walking beside I35.

Shown below is what the sign at the transition from W. Belt Line Road to Old Mansfield Road portrays.  Look at the art work with riders with the non-pelotonista outfits.  Do you see any black posts?  No, because this art work is a fiction like many things the City of Cedar Hill depicts.

So, what is shown below?  Well, it is the traffic light array at the entrance to the Cedar Hill state park.  These lights have no traffic study that go along with them.  TxDOT refuses to answer any questions about them for that reason.  They are in effect clandestine traffic signals.  Since there are only a few cars, recreational vehicles, and vehicles with boats that enter the state park each day then they must be to support outsiders coming to Cedar Hill to enjoy the amenities that taxpayers pay for.  The state park cannot even afford to rejuvenate its main boat ramp.  The marina is not usable.  The state park is a flop on the FM 1382 side so the city, with the aid of other taxpayer money from other entities, is trying to rejuvenate it.

Now that this round of city elections (June 10, 2017 runoff) is over, and the May 5, 2018 has been decided, there can be some facts stated about the quality of the Cedar Hill ISD.  These facts will begin with 5th grade STAAR scores (not so fast – see Cedar Hill ISD menu item) and how a reputable public school rating organization rates CHISD campuses.  The city and school system combine to make quite a PR machine when it comes to CHISD quality, both obscuring it. See Cedar Hill ISD menu item.

What the city and school system try to do with careful choice of words and wordsmithing is blur the line between the regular campuses and the so-called collegiate campuses.  This is the PR department’s full time job.  Unfortunately they are not intelligent enough to make, as they say, a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and it is obvious what they are doing. There are Cedar Hill Highlights where this wordsmithing can and will be deconstructed.  

First, one needs to understand that the collegiate campuses are what public schools were like in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  They were the norm.  Now they are considered exceptional as the public schools have deteriorated to even less than mediocrity.  And, today, measuring a public school relative to others means nothing since most are extremely low quality.  

The website below presents tables that show SAT scores by college major.

The table, although somewhat difficult to read in this form, and a better view is to be found at the above link, shows that Parks, Recreation, Leisure and Fitness Studies are 4th from the bottom, Public Administration (Government) and Social Services Professions are 9th from the bottom, Education majors are 13th from the bottom, and the Legal Profession and Studies are in the middle, where Marketing is 2 majors below that.  The legal profession, in intellectual terms, is equivalent to a Masters in Library Science but charge significantly more fees. Actually Library Science and Administration majors are 6 SAT majors above the Legal Profession.

And, by the way, watch for the cedar trees at FM 1382 and Straus Road, where the 300 apartment units that the mayor and city council approved of on January 24, 2017, to start disappearing now that the election is over and replaced with

Remember the cedar trees along FM 1382 just east of Straus Road.

Well you might want to take a photo like this one since they will disappear.
They will be sacrificed to the great god MUTOD, pronounced moo-todd, or mixed use/transit oriented development.  This god is subordinate to the greater god Federal government, which all small-time governments want to received grants from to gift to god MUTOD.

Below is an artist rendition of what that intersection will look like one day. The circular structure may actually be a MUTOD worship center.  It is not clear where the roadrunner that was seen darting in and out of the cedar trees is going to have its habitat in this complex.  Both images shown below were taken from
which was a part of the package presented to and approved by the P&Z Commission on August 1, 2017.

Below Is How Your City Will Look Because Some Made The Wrong Choices In The City Election!

The composite image below contains images of City Centers from various cities. This composite image is in the city’s City Center Plan as referenced below the image.  It is presumed the images are examples of City Centers the city leaders find appealing.

Chapter 7 Appendix D page 3
Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!

Or maybe you like this for MidTown, the area the current government center is located.  This image is from the same document as above.
Chapter 7 Appendix D page 9

Thanks To The Dallas Morning News For Helping Private Property Owner Taxpayers By Presenting The Truth!

Bulletin:  Lobbyists, like the mayor of Cedar Hill, have successfully killed SB-2, the property tax reform bill, in the Texas House, but the governor promises to bring it up again in the special session.  Cities are afraid they will have to come to the voters for approval if they have revenue increases above a certain percentage year over year.

Here is a good question for the city.  If they are so judicious with revenues then why is the city so adamantly opposed to having the year over year revenue increase dropped from 8% to 5% before an election has to be called.  In addition, SB-2 allowed for the election of appraisal district board members instead of the taxing entities choosing them.  The incestuous method now reminds one a bit of the fox and the hen house analogy.

“Today I unveil the biggest lie of the 2017 Texas Legislature.” 

“Fortunately, it’s not told by any lawmaker. Unfortunately, I’m going to stamp it on the forehead of thousands of good-intentioned, mostly volunteer public servants who are elected to serve on our city councils and county commissions.”

“The lie being told in Austin is that the big property tax bill under consideration, Senate Bill 2, takes away local control from city and county governments back home. They say the bill also limits growth in budgets for cities, counties, community colleges and hospital districts.”  Well, yes, is that not the point?

“Truth is, SB 2 does the opposite.”

Go here to see the rest of the Dallas Morning News article:

One might want to ask the mayor of the city of Cedar Hill and the city council what their opinion of SB-2 is and have they contacted State Senator Royce West to express their opinion.


Old Adage In Cedar Hill: Those Who Promote Spending Other’s Taxes, Sometimes Pay The Least Themselves
Have You Ever Seen A Goat Pick Its Nose?
 Some Envision Cedar Hill As A City With Few Cedar Trees, Much Hype, Many New Apartments, and A Hooters!

And what type of city leadership would vote on January 24, 2017 for building 300 apartments at Straus Road and FM 1382 for the sole purpose of fast-tracking the city’s population to 50,000 so the city could be declared an Urban City by the federal government?  See Magic 50,000 sub-menu item under City Center menu item for who would!

Here is something to think about.  How many who enter this website actually give their hard earned money to strangers? Well, that is what the mayor and city council do regularly with your tax money, based upon recommendations of a small, mayor and city council appointed, group of individuals.  

The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) recommends giving money to prospective companies which the EDC has no idea will succeed in Cedar Hill. There is an example of a giveaway of $1,000,000 to some company at the Economic Development Corporation menu.  There seems to never be a follow-up as to the effectiveness of these give-ways.  For all anyone knows Pollo Tropical, now defunct with signs torn off the building at FM 1382 and Highway 67, could have been one of those companies that received taxpayer money incentives.

Below is the most recent example.  Financial incentives for Project Campania? There goes some tax money to who knows where. With all of the marketing personnel at the city one would think the city would be seen to be fantastic enough not to have to pay someone to locate here.  Project Campania got set aside recently but it is back again on the July 25, 2017 city council agenda.  The city council just cannot keep from giving citizens money to others.

City Council Agenda May 9, 2017

And, of course, there is the troublesome High Pointe Village Apartments again, a topic the mayor and city council have spent multiple closed sessions dealing with.  Even with that they voted in 300 more apartments at FM 1382 and Straus Road on January 24, 2017.

The mayor and city council approve spending millions of dollars in tax money on amenities for the enjoyment of out-of-towners , as a part of a grand and glorious plan, while colluding with other governmental and pseudo-governmental organizations.  The Community Development Corporation menu item gives a perfect example and this is only 1382 Trail Phase I.  Here are some typical city of Cedar Hill buzz words.  You are paying for this “Core Trail” for the benefit of WHOM – “regional multimodal transportation systems” – WHAT?

page 6

The city is inviting the world in.  And for what?  The businesses like it.  There are bragging rights for the city.  The outsiders like it.  How will it affect taxpayer’s quality of life? Hmmmm!  Here are some of the city’s cohorts that egg them on into spending citizen’s tax money and changing your quality of life!  Do any of them actually live in Cedar Hill save one?

Below is just a small reflection of the project where the city and state are using tax money to try to rejuvenate the Cedar Hill State Park as well as Audubon at Dogwood Canyon (over $500,000 given to that entity already), both of which have been flops in their original purpose.  “Penn Branch Parkway” and FM 1382 is where a traffic light is to be placed, without a TxDOT traffic study, while the charter school ingress/egress at the Northwood entrance goes wanting.

City Council Agenda May 9, 2017

The spending of tax money for the benefit of others goes on and on. That is the reason no money is ever returned to the taxpayer.  There is always someone to give it to.  Something to think about!

The city of Cedar Hill has been doing business the same way for over 20 years, and its methods have not matured and grown as the city has.  It sometimes responds like it is still a bump in the road, when some old timers ran everything without being questioned.

For the first time in decades, it is receiving some serious challenges from private property owner taxpayers as to what is best for the city and their pocketbooks. The city power structure and its supporters are not handling the challenges gracefully and sometimes are throwing temper tantrums as a child would if a toy is taken away from them.

Cedar Hill, Texas is the highest point between the Red River and the Gulf of Mexico and has had an abundance of cedar trees.  None of the cities shown above can boast of that!

The city of Cedar Hill is a city of contradictions.  On the West Belt Line end of Uptown Blvd there are these signs.  

Then, near the other end of Uptown Blvd, between Uptown Blvd and N. Clark Road, there is a large cleared lot with the smell of freshly uprooted cedar trees wafting in the air.

Yes, that is a pile of uprooted cedar trees with NTB Tire Store on North Clark Road just visible in the left of the photo.  Below is one of many closeup photos of the pile.  More are already down and an informed source says there will be more downing to come.

One can see the NTB Tire Store on North Clark Road and the McDonalds in view, both in the background.

That is Strayer University visible with the prospective Hooters’ site just on the other side of Strayer.  Maybe this is what the May 2017 Cedar Hill Highlights means when it says “Cedar Hill ‘Owns’ Earth Day Celebration”. It is the plowed earth the Highlights is talking about.

Do not expect the remaining cedar trees in the area to last long.  Most seem to be a part of other developments.  This is what the city of Cedar Hill leadership and staff call “building the city out”.  Speaking of trees, see Trees and Wildlife menu item for what Governor Abbott might be up to in the July 18, 2017 Special Session.

This area is not too far from where the new Hooters will be built, at “approximately 618 Uptown Boulevard”, as stated in the agenda and later in the minutes, the approval of which occurred at the city council meeting on January 10, 2017 .  See non-searchable minutes at, where the vote was recorded as 4 to 3 with approval, and who voted in favor and who against not recorded in the minutes.  All agendas and minutes are found at

Outsiders are even picking the city’s trees for them.  These will supplant the Cedar Trees that will be taken down to “build the city out”. Final Version pages A51-A64

The primary purpose of this website is to deconstruct the documents, most written by consultants,  related to the City Center planning, and then reconstruct the contents so that anyone can understand them.  See City Center menu item.

Sometimes deconstruction is not required.  The documents deconstruct themselves.  Appendix 7 of the City Center Development Plan, page 154 speaks for itself.  TOD means transit oriented development.  Two of the sites visited as a part of a “mobile workshop” are pictured in the first collage.
“The workshop allowed members of City Center Advisory Committee to observe and evaluate the application of TOD concepts in the real world. State Thomas (Dallas), Addison Circle (Addison) and Legacy Town Center (Plano) were visited.”  This was a mobile workshop tour.  

Bulletin: Cedar Hill, Texas is not Plano or Addison and does not want to be either!

The website also shows on other menu items how the discretionary, excess private property taxpayer money and sales tax money, is redistributed to various entities at the city and used.

One can think of the money confiscated by the Dallas County Tax Assessor and Collector, sent to the State Comptroller, and then redistributed to the city, as a pie.  When the size of the pie is determined by the city, departments and corporations vie for a slice of the pie.  Then visions begin for how to use their slice of the pie.  More visions sometimes require more city employees, remuneration, and on and on it goes.  The pie is always consumed.  There is never any pie left to be returned to the original providers.  And then there are outsiders who invariably get their fingers in the pie!

Can you imagine that 6 city employees with marketing in their job titles are needed for a city of less than 50,000, unless of course the city is simply one giant portion of PR and hype! Sometimes that is how it seems at city council meetings.

West Belt Line end of Uptown Blvd.

As they say, the city gets the taxpayer’s bread and the taxpayers get the circuses.  Some are satisfied with the circuses as shown above and below.

Below is pictured the kinds of events that taxpayers are going to enhance for outsiders who “head for the hills.”  Taxpayers are already in the hills where at one time it was peaceful and quiet.  The $2,600,000, 12′ wide concrete “trail” down FM 1382, among others the city and state has funded, will benefit those who have to “head for the hills” from outside the city. Some will come in Lance Armstrong costumes with pelotonista pointed helmets.  This is by invitation only congestion!  See link below the image as to whom is invited and who invited them into the city of Cedar Hill, Texas. West Belt Line end of Uptown Blvd.

Some, for reasons of their own, and they vary, do not appreciate what is described in the above paragraphs.  They apparently do not appreciate deconstruction.  See the next to last paragraph in the commentary below.

Below is a quote from related to an image shown on the site:

“The City Center illustrative plan is a graphic depiction of how the City Center concepts may layout. The project boundaries are Pleasant Run to the north, just below Tidwell to the south, U.S. 67 to the east, and the BNSF railway to the west, as depicted in the map.”

Those who live outside this boundary should ask themselves how an expensive taxpayer funded City Center will improve their lives.  How about those north of Pleasant Run, or below Tidwell, or east of U.S. 67, or west of the BNSF railway?  Is all the tax money to be spent on infrastructure and right-of-way, so that developers can use the “cedar tree land” for buildings, worth it for you, or, will it primarily be for urbanites, yet to come, entering the dream world described in the Executive Summary of the City Center Development Plan at See also City Center Images, Executive Summary.  And there are always developers and vested interests.

Details of the city’s plans for your city, using your tax money, are in the menu and sub-menu items of this website.  The details are also found at the city of Cedar Hill’s City Center website at There are six chapters and chapter 7 contains five appendices.

Here is a novel idea.  Why not submit the City Center plan and all of its ancillary plans to a citywide referendum?  In that way all citizens of the city of Cedar Hill could participate in the decision making process and not just a few, comparatively speaking.

One path to this site has meaning –

Cedar Hill, Tx, No Mixed Use (mu), Transit Oriented Development (tod)
For Us!

An Alternate Path


This website expresses the views of many private property owner taxpayers and others, not the least of which are most of the over 200 that attended the January 24, 2017 city council meeting, and who were confounded at the vote which is described in What If You Didn’t Vote menu item. These, otherwise, are allowed only three minutes, sometimes slightly more, by the mayor of the city of Cedar Hill, to express their views at the city of Cedar Hill city council meetings. Developers, the mayor and city council, and staff are allowed as much time as they desire to express their views.  At invitation only meetings, consultants are sometimes allowed a day and more to express their views to the mayor and selected city council members.

This website presents June 10, 2017 runoff city of Cedar Hill council seat candidate platforms, especially the platforms related to apartments and urban development, so the citizens of the city of Cedar Hill can choose which candidates best represent their views on these important matters affecting the city.  In that sense it is apolitical.

Large packets of printed campaign material, produced at considerable expense, advocating specific candidates in the May 6, 2017 city council election were distributed to citizens or left on their doorstep or near their mailboxes every day, all anonymously.  Some citizens are left out of the distribution.

The individuals responsible should identify themselves on these packets or risk being reported to the Texas Ethics Commission.  See an applicable section of the Texas Election code at  The activities can also be construed as that of a mini-PAC.  Errant emails can be used as the source of a complaint.

Here are excerpts from an open letter from the mayor of Cedar Hill, using his office, appearing to endorse incumbents, whose campaign material was contained in the anonymous doorstep/mailbox packets, along with the mayor’s endorsement.  These packets did not contain alternate candidate choices.  It is not known if the mayor of Cedar Hill or the candidates identified in the material actually approved of these activiites.

The mayor goes on below to endorse incumbents for city council and school board, not mentioning other candidates.

Apparently mean-spirited state and federal politics are bad but state, federal, and pseudo-governmental money is good. See the bottom of the City Center menu item for how City Center studies are funded with federal grants and pseudo-governmental sources, and how state money is used by the Community Development Corporation (CDC).  See CDC  menu item.  This does not include the city staff salaries paid for the city staff to work on the City Center project.

The website is a basic exercise of First Amendment rights of free speech for many in the city of Cedar Hill!  Some seem to resent this exercise!  Remember, the city of Cedar Hill uses tax money to promote their agenda and maintain their website.

Others who wish to express contrary views, as an expression of their First Amendment rights, should produce their own website and no one associated with this website will object.  The technology is trivial and so is the cost.  The cost to register the name is 88 cents/year.

Note: The images and the quotes, taken from documents, which are shown on this website, are public information and are generally paid for from the taxes paid by the citizens of the City of Cedar Hill to the city, state, or federal government.  The images and quotes used on this website do not necessarily constitute approval or disapproval of this site by the original document publishers.

This website is a work in progress.  It is dedicated to those private property owners whose taxes are collected, redistributed, and then used against them.  Is it not a shame, while you are out working for your living, some are being handsomely, literally eye-poppingly, remunerated to spend all day taking part of your wealth away by devaluing your property values?  Some’s taxes are now their perpetual mortgage payments, never to end.

The content, facts, grammar, and punctuation on this site are constantly being checked by multiple contributors and where appropriate content is added, deleted, or corrected.

Websites sometimes load old pages stored on your PC, phone, or pad.  Clean your website history to see the latest version.  When using a phone, one may need to zoom into the menu to see the sub-menus and get a proper response from them.

Nextdoor is a social media website for Cedar Hill, Texas at–tx/ and of course is not fact checked and therefore can have much rumor and misinformation. It is dominated by “opinions”  but occasionally has some facts.  Anyone with an account, no matter how misinformed, or what their motives are, can post. It appears at times to be a lonely nest for ninnies, especially near-sighted ones who seem not to be able to read.  It is also used for special interest rants.  does not have an account and therefore does not post, as if a website could, nor does the registrar of the domain name.  Nextdoor website: “Nextdoor is the private social network for your neighborhood.”

The content of this website is governed by citizens who have something factual to contribute and a reference to go along with the facts.  The registrar reserves the name of the website.  Some seem more interested in what group collected the information about city activities related to urbanizing the city than the activities themselves.

There has already been one attempt to shut this site down, but those who have ultimate authority over such matters brought the site back up in less that 30 minutes.  At the time a visitor to the site was located in Durham, N.C. and the IP was noted.

It appears some may have tampered with USPS information.  The description of the circumstances have been reported to the postal authorites in Fort Worth, Texas at The Postal Inspection Service office that serves 75104:

FORT WORTH TX 76102-9701

Some seem to have little else to do than harrass the truth for various reasons.  Some may have next-of-kin employed at the city of Cedar Hill and that is their rationale.  That information is available.  Some have selfish interests of their own with business relationships and interests that have never seen the light of day.  Some are employed by the city and some have firm relationships that do business with the city, at the same time they are appointed to voluntary positions by the city.  That information is available.  And some just seem to be ninnies.  All relevant information may need an airing on this website.

This website is here to stay so the critics should get used to it.  
All attempts to deter the truth of this website will be reported on the website and to appropriate authorities.

The truth will out!


Might be nice to have one for the city of Cedar Hill, Texas.