Bonds and Mannequins

This page is a bit outdated because the bonds are now on the market.  Everybody got their share.  It appears, even though the CDC has sales tax revenue money in the bank, it got some bond money.  And there may be some still undesignated.  With the city of Cedar Hill it is a bit difficult to follow the money trail!  

On March 2, 2017, the city embarked upon a bond proposal and campaign with a 35 member bond committee meeting.  The handbook is shown below. The bond election is set for November 7, 2017.  Below is the schedule published in the handbook.

Currently the city has not seen fit to post bond committee meeting minutes. There have already been three meetings and one bus tour. Without the minutes all that is currently available for the website is the original bond committee handbook.  See the Bond/Bond Committee Handbook sub-menu item.

It has become evident that there are actually two bond committees.  One is composed of city selected citizens.  This committee appears to be a showcase committee.  Then there is the post-citizen committee that has the actual authority and it is composed of the mayor and city council and staff. This “committee” conducts workshops which are sometimes difficult to keep up with since they do not meet in spaces where recording facilities are available.  The city of Cedar Hill has an interesting way of doing business. Some business is conducted in a very open, well advertised fashion.  Some is not!

Another interesting observation is the city leadership did not see fit to discuss the Bond Committee Report.  They accepted it in the Consent Agenda, which is a place they put things they do not want to talk about.  The elements of the Consent Agenda are voted upon in bulk.  That is what happened in the May 23, 2017 city council meeting.

So how can the statement below, which is found in the upper right hand corner of the bond committee handbook, and the City Center co-exist?  The handbook says green space and the City Center is full of  walking and biking sidewalks.  See City Center Menu item.  Apparently, with the advent of the City Center, the yoga will have to be on concrete.

Just as the 300 apartment complex approved on January 24, 2017 was a seed for the forth coming high density dwellings in the city center, the bond program is a prelude to the building of the infrastructure for the high density dwellings throughout the City Center.  However, the idea here is to start building the infrastructure in Old Town in order to get some support for the bonds and then move on up into MidTown and UpTown later.  A very insidious plan do you not think?  So, you in Old Town are being worked for the upcoming high density Urban development City Center north of you.  see City Center Menu item.

At the bond kickoff meeting one heard infrastructure, infastructure, infrastructure,……………during the presentation.

So, what is the need for bonds to raise more money?  Well, in addition to the sugar coated distraction pills that will be proposed by the city, like parks, roads, library, etc., the city is going to have to spend a huge amount of money to develop the infrastructure for the proposed City Center site. Remember, there are numerous proposed multi-story, multi-family buildings with retail store fronts.  See City Center menu item.

There have to be significant right-of-way changes, water, and sewer line installations in order to support these developments.  Developers are not going to pay for this infrastructure.  So, who is? Guess!  The ones who always pay for the dreams of the city, as stimulated by the outside dream stimulators.  These are not your dreams but the city’s dreams, as fleshed out by outsiders.

So where to start?  Well of course Old Town!

The information below was extracted from the 2017 Bond Committee Handbook which was handed out at the bond committee kickoff meeting on March 2, 2017.  It is clear this bond promotion is all about the City Center and vested interests with some sugar coated  distraction pills.  It is similar to sleight of hand.  Look over here while we are loading the bonds up with City Center infrastruction.  If you do not believe this, then do a search for “City Center” in the 2017 Bond Committee Handbook at There are 48 infrastructure hits.  All of the words below, for example, Community Park, Library, etc. are a distraction.  Then the real message appears – “and the City Center Infrastructure needs.”

“A. Municipal Infrastructure
1. Review Major Thoroughfare Plan and current CIP.
2. Prioritize projects for importance and timing.
3. What additional projects should be considered / added?

We are asking the Bond committee to make recommendations on the most important and timely infrastructure needs with regard to the 2018 Capital Improvement Plan and the City Center infrastructure needs.”
pg 1 Bond Committee Notebook,
First Is The Distraction – Community Park, Library, etc.!
Then Comes The City Center High Density Infrastructure Requests!
“ Recommendation to develop a 30-acre Community Park in the City Center to include trails, walks, benches, public art, lights, etc. A large percentage of existing trees should be preserved but allow trails to meander through the site. The space will provide a unique contrast and amenity to surrounding high density developments.” (City Center Development plan p. 52)
“ A key linkage from Uptown to the Midtown areas is a future trail under FM 1382. This trail is extremely important to link the two districts and provide accessibility from the northern neighborhoods to the future rail station. It is also a vital link to encourage pedestrian movement under FM1382 rather than across it.”
(City Center Development plan p. 53)
“ Trails should link City Hall through the greenway, under FM 1382 to the Uptown area. (City Center Development plan p. 131)”

pg 64 2017 Bond Committee Notebook

Here are good questions.  One of the bond proposals is a 30 acre Community Park.  Of all the land left in the City Center boundary, how much is still green with cedar trees, and what percentage of that would be a 30 acre park?  A 30 acre park is probably a small fraction.

Also, does the city need a Taj Mahal library?

At a recent city of Cedar Hill council meeting there was a skit performed that outlined all of the”free” services at the library.  Really, is the library supported by a foundation?  There is nothing free in the city that is associated with the city of Cedar Hill.  It is all paid for by taxes, either sales or private property taxes, and to suggest otherwise is misleading and disingenuous!