Economic Development Corporation (EDC)

What is the EDC?  Very few people know, because it flies under the radar screen.  However, it spends millions of sales tax dollars in a rather covert manner.  The sales taxes could be used to lower your property tax, but they are literally given away to who knows whom.

The EDC is a city sponsored Cedar Hill citizen tax money give-away entitiy that has a board appointed by the mayor and city council.  At the wave of a hand a board vote will offer a million dollars to some company to build a building, or will offer some other tax money incentivized endeavor.  It is never clear whether the company is a success, or how many jobs the company will provide nor how much in taxes the company will pay in return.

City of Cedar Hill Budget 2016 2017

The Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes are to be found at

Below is an excerpt from the June 6, 2016 minutes of one meeting.   Has anyone outside of the EDC ever heard of Project First Corner?  It must exist.  Have you counted the zeros involved?  This looks like $1,000,000 at the raising of hands at the board meeting.

“Motion:  …. made the following motion regarding Project First Corner: EDC Board to offer an incentive for construction of new office building space and will pay $20.00 per square foot up to 50,000 square feet for the project, based on infrastructure costs with receipts presented upon certificate of occupancy. The motion was seconded by .. and passed unanimously”

Below is an excerpt from the October 3, 2016 minutes.  It looks like some kind of covert military operation.  What are Project Turkey,  Project Game Changer, Project Blanket, Project Quick, Project First Corner?  The problem with all the secrecy is that it apparently continues forever.  There is never any public knowledge of what the result of the taxpayer money giveaway is.  It could all be wasted.   There is no transparency in government here, but it all appears to be legal.

“Sec. 551.072. DELIBERATION REGARDING REAL PROPERTY; CLOSED IVIEETING. A governmental body may conduct a closed meeting to deliberate the purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property if deliberation in an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the position of the governmental body in negotiations with a third person. Project Turkey, Project Game Changer, Project Blanket, Project Quick, Project First Corner and Future Projects”

The EDC is just one of the reasons the city is always trying to generate funds.  If the EDC was that successful, and did not spend so much tax money, the city would be giving back to the taxpayers their money.  As it is, the city is always looking for ways to get more taxpayer dollars. ​  More agendas and minutes can be found at  

See if you can make anything out of the projects.

Below is an EDC site that, by its very nature, has to be self-explanatory, since the EDC has not chosen to explain it.  It is a guide to properties available in Cedar Hill.  The site apparently called “Cedar Hill Prospector” seems to indicate there are a lot of retail properties available in Cedar Hill which makes one wonder if the grandiose City Center can be successful.  Even the name smacks of speculation.  Click on the link to see the website.  Use the link at the bottom of the Prospector page “Go to desktop version” to see all of the properties available in the City of Cedar Hill.