Elections In Cedar Hill

Some voted in the June 10, 2017 runoff election, but most did not.  When one does not vote, one gets what others want for themselves and others.  

Some voted their private property values and the future of the city.  

Some voted their vested interests and what urbanization of the city of Maple Hill, Texas (Cedar will be removed in time and will be replaced with a tree of an outsider’s choice) will mean to their financial situation. 

Some voted their religious affiliations.  The naive were taken in by neo-Phariseeism, which is religion for a selfish and/or political purpose.   Actions speak much louder than prayers!

Some may have voted their city paychecks. A top staff member has a compensation, per capita, 2.6 times that of a much larger neighboring city staff member in the same position.  Two other highly compensated employees have 2.4 and 2.8 per capita multiples.  If that ratio trickles down to other city employees then riding an elevator down to early voting certainly can be worthwhile for some.  (See City Financials menu item for other taxpayer burden perks.)  That is a possible 492 city employee vote for the city leadership choice if paycheck stubs were the top priority.  For some it can be a kind of voter payola scheme at private property owners taxpayer expense.  The unofficial Dallas County totals were Haydin 1370 and Cleveland 874 or a 496 vote difference.  A significant positive effect on city leadership choice can possibly be made at the government center during early voting in more ways than one.

Some elites in the far western part of the city, whose HOA seems to be privileged to city activities before they are ever proposed, and who are deathly afraid of local retail spoiling their nirvana, voted their privilege and insurance.  Of course they are not concerned about the apartments and MU/TOD the hoi polloi in other parts of the city will have to deal with.

By the way,  there needs to be some retail at Lake Ridge Parkway and Old Mansfield Road for those South Grand Prairie residents coming out of South Grand Prairie.  They may need a fill-up before climbing the very nice roadway the city of Cedar Hill taxpayers built for them to get to Highway 67 and then to Dallas to avoid the nightmare of I20 to the north of them.  Also, the pelotonistas with the Lance Armstrong pointee hats might like a slurpy. 

Combine the two “somes” above and one has a certain winner.  So election winners in Cedar Hill can be selected by a few groups.

Some violated their long held Christian conservative principles in favor of political racism.  

Some violated their long held conservative principles in favor of political racism.  Now they are hiding their conservatism.

Some voted as they were told to vote.

Some ninnies cannot express coherently why they voted the way they did since they are always in a swoon after every utterance of the city.  They might have thought they were going to get a “city in a park” but the city is going to have to shrink to fit into the park the city has in mind.  

Everyone did what measured up to their character:  “Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”

There were reports of voting irregularities at the Lake Ridge Elementary polling place as some parties were reported to be calling or texting voters on the registration lists to urge them to come vote.

Then there was a report that off-site city workers were being brought to the government center in city trucks in order to vote.

If either or both are true then there is no reason to respect the city of Cedar Hill and there probably never has been.

Some voted in the May 5, 2018 election and some did not.  If you did not then you will have business as usual at city hall, including 3% pay raises for all city employees, which has been going on for 4 or more years.  Do you have a 2:1 match in your retirement contributions up to 7% of your salary?  Guess who does!