What If You Didn’t Vote?

June 10, 2017 and May 5, 2018 Were Election Days In Cedar Hill

Those That Did Not Vote Will Soon See The Results Of That Choice

Cedar Hill Not Be Green And Natural As It Was When You Moved Here!

It Will Be Filled With Multi-Story, Multi-Family Units, With Retail Store Fronts,
As Proposed In The MonstroCITY City Center Plan?

See City Center menu item.

A relative few, percentage wise of the city’s population, are dictating the future of the city of Cedar Hill, Texas.  Some say hundreds and more.  One can probably count them using the documents on the City Center page and see if this is true. See City Center menu item.  They often seem to be the same ones.

Here is a novel idea.  Why not submit the City Center plan and all of its ancillary plans to a citywide referendum?  In that way all citizens of the city of Cedar Hill could participate in the decision making process and not just a few, comparatively speaking.

The Mayor and current City Council have already made their decision in favor of the MonstroCITY.  See City Center menu item.  They have opted for such and begun the process of the development with the help of out-of-state consultants.  The 300 apartment units described below are just the beginning.
http://www.cedarhilltx.com/68/City-Council (Note some have moved on or will move on.)

On January 24, 2017, the mayor, Rob Franke, and 5 Council Members, Jami McCain, Chris Parvin, Wallace Swayze, Stephen Mason, and Mr. Clifford Shaw in the face of over 200 opponents (only two spoke in favor), voted to change the zoning of a 20 acre property at the corner of Straus Road and FM 1382 at the top of the hill and gateway to the city to multi-family for the purpose of a developer building 300 apartment units.

There was no logical rationale given by the mayor or city council as to how 300 apartments units at the gateway to the city of Cedar Hill, at the top of the hill at Straus Road and FM 1382, were to be beneficial to the citizens of Cedar Hill.  There was a lot of posturing and ambiguous and emotional statements made with some near-truths and some truths, the latter having nothing to do with the question of why?  There is a good guess, however, and the guess is explained in the City Center – Magic 50,000 sub-menu.

There were a lot of statements about “reaching out”.  Apparently those doing the reaching out did not get far enough to reach the over 200 who opposed what the mayor and 5 of the 6 city council members were about to do.  Their reach must have only gotten to the two that showed up to speak in favor of the 300 apartment units.

Much was distraction, as when someone is asked an embarrassing question, they answer with – the sky is blue or the sun is bright.  These tactics confuse the listener because they know the answer is true and an indisputable fact.  Some recognize the tactic immediately, and some never realize the statement has nothing to do with the subject at hand.  But that was apparently the point in the first place, or possibly, just the way the speaker expresses his/her thoughts.

Mr. Daniel Haydin, who won the runoff election on June 10, 2017, did not vote because he said he had a business in the proposed development area. However, earlier, on January 10, 2017, he stated for the record to the developer, “I like the development.  I like what you are trying to do.”  With only the reservations of negotiating more trees and a trail (probably a sidewalk) to Crawford Park, Mr. Haydin indicated he could support the building of the 300 apartment units.  The audio from the January 10, 2017 city council meeting where Mr. Haydin states his like for the 300 apartment project is available from the city upon request. It can safely be said, even though Mr. Haydin did not actually vote on January 24, 2017,  as a city council member he approved of the outcome.

Note:  All audio from both the January 10, 2017 city council meeting and the January 24, 2017 city council meeting, as well as any other council meeting, is available on DVD upon open records request of the city of Cedar Hill city secretary.

Seriously, are the 300 apartment units located at Strauss and FM 1382 really needed by anyone?  Are there not enough apartments in Cedar Hill?

Apartments, Apartments, Apartments

Below is a partial list of apartment units in the city.  There is nothing wrong with apartments, well kept, but one can have too many in the wrong places! Apartment residents, through their rent, pay taxes too, and sometimes more taxes than even some private property owners who live in modest single-family homes in the City Center of Old Town.  See City Center menu item.   Of course private property owner taxpayers outside of apartment dwellers and those in the  City Center area carry most of the tax burden.

The 300 apartments units at Straus and FM 1382 are a case in point of too many apartments in the wrong place and for the wrong reason!

  • Legacy at Cedar Hill on Pleasant Run Road
  • Leagcy at Cedar Hill on Joe Wilson Road
  • The Gates of Cedar Hill on Joe Wilson Road
  • SC Crossing on West Belt Line Road
  • Wilson Crossing on Joe Wilson Road
  • Wilson Crossing on Capricorn Street
  • Little Creek on Little Creek Road
  • And High Pointe Village on South Clark Road, evidently is causing the mayor and city council and city attorney to be constantly going into executive sessions to discuss legal actions against it for lack of maintenance.
  • Various other smaller complexes, some in “Old Town”. 

    – The Cedars on Cedar Street
    – Cooper Place on Cooper Street

And surely the city leaders have not forgotten the MidTown at Cedar Hill apartments on Uptown Boulevard, only a short-lived green space away from the government center.


Below is a link to apartments.com where MidTown at Cedar Hill is rated.  The rating of any other apartments in Cedar Hill, Texas can also be researched there.


The 300 new apartment units approved on January 24, 2017 are not really for apartments, per se, but are actually the seed for a much more grand MonstroCITY.  They are the start of the grandiose dream of the mayor and city council and others to urbanize the city. See City Center menu item.  Also, see City Center sub-menu item Magic 50,000.  Evidently, the motto of the mayor and city council is build them and they will come!

And all of these 300 apartment units are being built in the face of an apartment glut. See February 21, 2017 Wall Street Journal Article


“Banks Retreat From Apartment Market

A pullback in lending is forcing builders to scramble for financing to finishprojects; ‘I haven’t seen anything this seismically different since 2008’”

The city and their Denver consultant, Clarion Associates, et al., are taking the city over the cliff into full-scale urban development.  It is not too late to make changes!

Who Stands To Benefit?

Well, you might ask yourself, who stands to benefit from the development of the MonstroCITY?  Is it you?  The ones who will benefit most are those who own property within the boundaries of the MonstroCITY.  They will have their infrastructure enhanced primarily by the bonds the city is promoting and then when there is any surrounding development.  These benefits may come serendipitously to some who do not know what is happening.  To others it will come as a matter of planning for it to happen.

You might ask those who are the most ardent advocates of the MonstroCITY and the attendant bond package if they own property or have businesses within the boundaries of the City Center that will be enhanced by bonds financed with taxpayer money. (see City Center menu item for maps).

The actions of the mayor and city council the evening of January 24, 2017 make meaningless platitudes out of the stated values shown below and seen on all city council agendas.

Spend The Excess Taxpayer Money For The Taxpayer!

Here is a novel idea for the city leaders.  How about their taking all the extra funds they use up on anything and everything like the a)  $1,000,000 the Economic Development Corporation spent on Project First Corner (see the EDC menu item),
b) the estimated $1,695,499.46 the Community Development Corporation is spending on the giant 1.3 mile, 12′ wide concrete sidewalk from New Clark Road (sidewalk from nowhere) to the Cedar Hill state park entrance, c) the excess $1,503,246 in taxes the 2017 budget projects (see Financials menu item) to buy up the land all along Cedar Hill Road to make a natural park out of it, so that everyone can enjoy it and not just the mythical Urbanites riding bikes on concrete.  It could be a kind of Central Park.
 Since the City Center will never be a Midtown Manhattan, this would be as close as the city could come.

The city has plenty of money stashed away to do this.
The EDC has been budgetted for $8,302,180 in the 2016-2017 budget and the CDC has been budgetted for $6,882,622.  So, you should ask city leaders, why not use some of this money on you?

The city has talked TxDOT into spending almost $1,000,000 on a 1.3 mile, 12′ wide concrete sidewalk, when TxDOT should be repairing roads with the money instead.  Coming next will be millions spent on phase 2, which will send the 12′ wide concrete sidewalk from the state park to the Joe Pool overlook.  See CDC menu item.

Here is one more possibility.  Some in the city have lauded those who own green space in the proposed City Center area as pillars of the community.  As one last gesture of their love for the city they could donate their land for a part of a green space. That would be neat!

This is what Cedar Hill Road and off the Pioneer Trail bridge looks like now!


Apartments like those shown below are wonderful with their view and have their legitimate place in a community, but not in “MidTown” or “UpTown” Cedar Hill, Texas.  What the 300 apartment units at the top of the hill at Straus Road and FM 1382, and the surrounding landscape, will look like, only the developer and the city know.  






The mayor of the city of Cedar Hill, Texas, using his office as mayor, in an open letter, intervened in the latest election process.

The mayor’s complete letter is to be found at the bottom of  the City Center Images menu item.