Marketeering and Hype

The city of Cedar Hill seems to be a kind of self-aggrandizing marketeering operation, often with little substance.  Examples appear everyday.  There is a marketeer for everything.  Most of the hype appears to be for the benefit of the local naive and true believers. It is almost like those doing the hyping are showing off for each other.

The staff hype the mayor and city council.  They hype each other.  The mayor and city council hype each other and the staff.  The true believers hype both.  It often seems as if they are trying to prove something to each other or just keep the naive and true believers happy.  

Here is a quote from a Cedar Hill Highlights that comes with the water bill. Try to deconstruct “Cedar Hill ‘Owns’ Earth Day Celebration”. What exactly does that mean or was it meant to have meaning?

So, if the city builds a multi-story Taj Mahal library with bond money, will there be a marketeer for each floor?

Here is some quintessential city of Cedar Hill hype.  It does not get any better than this.  “The senior leadership team here is defined by and nurtured by those who spend their days and nights crafting the fuel which the organization needs to deliver the services we do.”  So what kind of fuel is being crafted?  Is this some kind of “cold fusion” process the “senior leadership” has “crafted”?  If so it needs to be shared with MIT and Cal Tech.

And then there is that old tried and true mantra “We envision Cedar Hill ……..” which all staff are required to recite before they are allowed to speak.

How about “City In A Park” or “Where Opportunities Grow Naturally” or ………….

Here is a worthwhile one.  “We envision Cedar Hill as a city where all the tax money collected is not spent for the benefit of outsiders!”