Community Development Corporation (CDC)  project funding overruns – no problem, private property owner taxpayers have plenty of money!  And who are the “Pardners”, actually Partners, of the city of Cedar Hill who direct and receive the benefits of the funding for their grandiose dreams for the county trail system with your tax money?
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So how does the CDC handle overruns as shown below for the 12′ wide concrete core “trail” from nowhere, New Clark Road, down FM 1382 to the state park entrance?  See Community Development Corporation menu item.
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Well they just wave the overrun through at a CDC meeting with additional funding out of your taxes.  What is “Leveraged Funding”.  Well it means someone else is picking up part of the tab using some of your taxes also. Transportation Enhancement Program is where TxDOT takes some of your tax money that should be used on highways and doles it out to cities for boondoggles.  TxDOT does not make money.  It has to get its funding from you also.  You can see the county threw in some of your taxes also.

Below shows the overrun in funding for the second phase of the 12′ wide concrete “trail” from the state park entrance to the Joe Poole Lake dam entrance.   This overrun is a little more significant being $2,700,446.  Here again TxDOT is taking tax money and putting it into giant concrete sidewalks instead of roadways.  It is not clear how this shortfall is to be made up.
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So, who is all of this to benefit?  Well, it benefits the “commons”, which is the great unknown public in the county.  It is a part of the grandiose “trail” system the citizens of Cedar Hill are paying for.  Maybe one can find out who is to benefit if one can determine what “local and regional multimodal transportation systems” are.

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There are eight partners.  Only three are contributing funds.  The rest are just benefiting in some manner.