Below is a symbolic sign that signifies there have been millions of dollars in private property owner tax money spent for someone, and it is  probably not for the private property taxpayers, unless they intend to dress up in Lance Armstrong costumes and don pointed hats and fly down Old Mansfield Road.  And the additional disadvantage of seeing this sign for outsiders is it will encourage them to take up a lane on West Belt Line, fly down Old Mansfield Road, and then take up a lane across Joe Pool Lake.

This could be an event.  The mayor and city council could don some Lance Armstrong outfits and fly down Old Mansfield Road on bikes.  Marketing needs to look into this.  What should such an event be called?

By the way, on the 12′ concrete “trail” side of Old Mansfield Road, there have already been skateboarders.  Now, there is another event the city could sponsor for outsiders – Head For The Hills Skateboarders.