Questions and Answers

1) Why would some be in favor of a high density mixed use / transit oriented development?  There has been no logical explanation yet.  Here are a few ideas:
   a) They stand to gain financially in some way by owning property within the boundaries of the city center.
   b) They can get taxpayer money by promoting it as in consulting companies.
   c)  They can make money by selling properties and building the buildings on the self-same properties.
   d)  This is the first step in developing the City Center.
   e)  The best idea is found in the City Center sub-menu item Magic 50,000.
2) Of what benefit is it to taxpaying private property owners?
   a) None
3)  What is the downside for taxpaying private property owners?
    a)  They will be asked to fund the development for others’ gain.
    b)  They will be asked to pay for the services the multi-family residents will require.
    c)  They will be asked to pay for more schools for the multi-family residents.
    d)  They will be stuck in more traffic that multi-family residents will generate.  Try getting across Highway 67 on FM 1382 on a Good Friday at noon now.
    e)  They will have to see the ugliness that is urban development.
4)  What makes the promoters of the MonstroCITY think it will be a success, i.e., that if they build it they will come?  Were there provisions for extra schools made on January 24, 2017?
    a)  They do not think about that or ignore facts.

    b)  They apparently believe all cities are the same, i.e., what works in Addison or Plano will work in Cedar Hill.  One difference is Cedar Hill is at an elevation of some 800 feet with what is left of the cedar trees and Addison and Plano are in the lowlands.
     c)  No

5) Who knows who Clarion Associates are out of Denver, Colorado?
    a)  The mayor and city council
    b)  The city staff
    c)  A few others

6) Who knows who Smart Growth America is?
    a)  The mayor and city council
    b)  The city staff
    c)  A few others

7)  How many city employees are there?
    a) In 2001 approximately 274
    b) In 2017 approximately 368

8)  Who builds 1.3 miles of 12′ wide concrete sidewalks from nowhere (New Clark Road) down FM 1382 to the state park entrance costing $1,655,499.46 and calls them trails and who will use them?
    a) The city of Cedar Hill
    b) Urban City Center dwellers if they come

9)  What is the organization called the Cedar Hill Chamber at ?
   a) An organization serving business interests in the City of Cedar Hill.
   b) An organization whose  2017 Executive Board consists of members of the business community and an ex-officio member who is on the city staff.  (ex-officio member – serves by virtue or because of an office)
   c)  An organization whose 2017 Directors are, save two, from the business community with one ex-officio member an elected official of the city and another a member of the Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation board.  See Economic Development Corporation (EDC) menu item.
   d)  An organization that has little or nothing to do with private property owners’ interests or advocacy and if one is popular with them then that person likely is in a business of some kind or is serving the business interests.
    e)  An organization which selects individuals for awards based upon chamber’s selected merited activity.  See

10) Who was quoted in the Dallas Morning News at the link below as saying “If half of a hundred (hundredth) of a percentage of our city showed up and told me they wanted a strip club, you probably wouldn’t appreciate me voting that way, would you?” she said. “I’m very concerned that we would vilify some groups of people because of the types of homes they live in. I live in a poorly constructed home built in 1938 … But we chose that house for the same reason you chose your house, and that is because we love this city and want to live in this city.”
   a)  Councilperson McCain, a person who seems not know the difference between the number of citizens who might be for strip clubs in the city and the number of citizens who are against apartments at the top of the hill on FM 1382.  One has to interpret the terminology used since  “If half of a hundredth of a percentage of our city ……..” seems an unusual manner to state 0.5% if that is what was attempted.
   b)  A councilperson who seems not to know how many apartments there already are in Cedar Hill and that being against more is not vilifying those who live in apartments now.
   c)  A councilperson who did not mention before making a statement about “percentages” on January 24, 2016 only 8 individuals approved of the 300 apartments at Straus Road and FM 1382, the mayor and 5 councilpersons and the two citizens who spoke in favor of the apartments, thus making the “percentage” of those in favor only 0.016 “percentage”, vs those opposed 0.5 “percentage”.
Note: The correction in ( ) was made from the audio of the city council meeting of January 24, 2017 which is available upon request from the city.

11)  What is the definition of double-talk?
   a) Language that appears to be earnest and meaningful but in fact is a mixture of sense and nonsense.

12)  So who made these statements on January 24, 2017 as quoted in the Dallas Morning News article shown at the link above.

“I think some of you think we’ve come into this meeting with some sort of nefarious backroom plan to get rid of all the trees. Nothing could be further from the truth,” council member Chris Parvin said. “The No. 1 criteria that we have had from day one has been to protect this city. ”
   a) It was councilman Parvin who is up for re-election in 2018 along with councilperson McCain.  Actually councilperson Parvin chose not to run and councilperson McCain is unopposed in the May 5, 2018 city election.

Councilman Parvin seems to have a bit of trouble defending his vote so he launches off into talking about trees and protecting the city.

It is probably true that if some come into a council meeting with a plan to approve the building of 300 apartments their top priority is probably not getting rid of all the trees but something else.  However, the trees are collateral damage so the result is the same.  The question is what is their top priority? 

So, if councilman Parvin’s No. 1 criteria from some day one, whenever that might have been, is “to protect this city” then how exactly is building 300 apartments at the “gateway to the city” going to do that?   Are the apartment owners only going to rent to police officers or security guards?
Note: All quotes from the Dallas Morning News can be verified from audio recorded at the city council meeting of January 24, 2017.  This audio is available upon request to the city.

13)  Have the mayor and city council provided a logical rational as to why the 300 apartments approved on January 24, 2017 are good for the citizens of Cedar Hill?
   a) No.

14)  So, what are private property owner taxpayers to think about the motives of those who approved of the 300 apartments?
   a) There are only a very few options.

15)  What if there had been a vote taken of the over 200 citizens present on January 24, 2017 who opposed the 300 apartments as to how they would like the city to use some of the large amount of taxpayer money budgetted for the EDC ($8,302,180) or CDC ($6,882,622) or the excess taxpayer money from the latest budget ($1,503,246) and one of the choices was for the city to buy the 20 acres from the owner instead of it being purchased by an apartment developer?   How would the vote have turned out?
   a)  The vote would have been overwhelmingly in favor of the purchase of the land by the city for some community use.

16)  What is the best guess as to why 300 apartments were approved at Straus Road and FM 1382?
   a) These 300 apartments are the seed and anchor for the MonstroCity City Center.  See City Center menu item.

17)  Who made this comment, again quoted in the Dallas Morning News the evening of January 24, 2017?
“It has hurt me to hear some of the misinformation that has been spread around,” Parvin said. “I don’t really care about this project, I don’t mind saying that. But with respect to the men and woman on this council, I don’t like hearing that we’re making backroom deals.”
Again this is councilman Parvin who is up for re-election in 2018 along with councilperson McCain.  Actually councilperson Parvin chose not to run and councilperson McCain is unopposed in the May 5, 2018 city election.

In his second quote councilman Parvin makes some strange, contradictory, and ambiguous statements.  He does not elaborate as to what misinformation has been spread.  This allows some to imagine there actually was some.

He really does not care about the project but he voted for it anyway?  It is not clear what he means by “care about the project”.  He does not elaborate on that either.  But if you recall his first quote contained “The No. 1 criteria that we have had from day one has been to protect this city.”  But here he is saying “I don’t really care about the project, I don’t mind saying that.”  So what comes first with Councilman Parvin – his number 1 criteria or the project?

Then Councilman Parvin launches into a defense of his fellow councilpersons in what seems to be a classic distractive sympathy maneuver.

Both councilman Parvin and councilperson McCain are up for re-election in 2018.  Actually councilperson Parvin chose not to run and councilperson McCain is unopposed in the May 5, 2018 city election.

Note: All quotes from the Dallas Morning News can be verified from audio recorded at the city council meeting of January 24, 2017.  This audio is available upon a request to the city.

17) What goes along with the MonstroCITY?
    a) A Thoroughfare Plan that turns local streets (Belt Line, Clark, Pleasant Run, et al., into Class 1 – Principal Arterial 4-6 lane divided – 112′ ROW (red roads shown below).  Do you see your street?
    b) Notice another outside group, “Urban Planning Consultants, Dallas, Texas”, is doing the city’s thinking
    c) For finer detail see

18) So, a) who is going to use the 2 mile, 12′ wide concrete “path” the city is helping finance down old Mansfield Road, and b) who is paying the price?  See photo below.
   a) A few pelotonistas who ride in packs in uniforms trying to look like professional bicycle racers.  The city seems to always be spending many’s tax money on a few.  And there is no telling how much 2 miles of 12′ wide concrete costs.
   b)  Taxpayers and those who have homes on the north side of the project just before Old Mansfield Road turns into West Belt line where 12′ of their front yard is being taken away with the 12′ wide concrete sidewalk.

19)  Who is going to benefit the most from the 2 mile project on Old Mansfield Road?
   a)  Mainly the citizens of South Grand Prairie who use it to get to Highway 67 and thence downtown Dallas, and return, instead of going north to I20 to use that congested highway.  The citizens of South Grand Prairie thank the citizens of Cedar Hill.
20)  Where do many of the hairbrain schemes that cost private property owners millions of dollars in taxes emanate from, that are put on their table, that eventually pass through the Community Development Corporation?
    a)  Why the Parks and Recreation Board of course.