“The City retained Clarion Associates to assist with drafting the new CCDC, and to bring our experience and perspective from working with communities throughout Texas and the nation. The CCDC process was initiated in April 2016 with an independent analysis of the City’s existing Zoning Ordinance. We also conducted interviews with stakeholders such as City staff from Planning, Engineering, Tourism, and the Police Department; elected and appointed officials, including the Mayor, City Manager, and City Councilors; members of the City Center Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC); and local residents, developers, and business owners. We also built on a prior report prepared by our firm, “Mixed-Use Transit-Oriented Development Zone District Standards: Key Issues and Options,” which was written for the City and the North Central Texas Council of Governments in association with Smart Growth America in 2014 (2014 Smart Growth Report).”, page 2.

“City Center Advisory Committee

The City Center Development Plan will be a refinement of previous efforts exhibited in the City Center Vision Plan and the Historic Downtown Vision Statement. To help engage the community and to steer through some of the policy questions associated with changing the city’s development pattern from auto-oriented to a more pedestrian-friendly, walkable model, the City Council appointed a 15 person citizen committee (including the mayor and two councilmen). This advisory body will serve as a vital sounding board and leadership trust that will work directly with the consulting design team and city staff to help shape the process, gather input, and make a final recommendation to the City Council.”