The Little Moron

Some may be old enough to remember the Little Moron jokes.  Like, why did the Little Moron throw the clock out of the window?  Of course, he wanted to see time fly.

So, picture this.  Someone takes a bag of taxpayer money and gives it to the Little Moron and takes him to the mall.  He is picked up later that day and guess what?  The Little Moron has spent all the money.  

The next day the same thing happens.  The Little Moron is given a bag of tax money and is taken to the mall.  He returns with an empty bag.  This goes on and on every day.

Soon the Little Moron has purchased everything available.  However, there are still bags of tax money.  

So, what was the solution? It soon became obvious.  The Little Moron was hired as the Director of Finding More Ways To Spend Tax Money and with a significant compensation!