Trees and Wildlife

First, should the city of Cedar Hill get a name change?  How about Maple Hill, Texas?

It is not clear what the fate of the ribboned trees shown below at the 300 apartment, 20 acre site along FM 1382 and Straus Road, will be.  Some will certainly be removed.  One would have to ask the city of Cedar Hill what the trees’ fate is to be.

If the trees are to be removed then the roadrunnder seen darting in and out of the tree line down FM 1382 may have to seek shelter elsewhere if such a place will exist.  There are few roadrunners in the city of Cedar Hill anymore.

One might want to contact Governor Abbott about his priorities.  It appears one item for the Special Session beginning July 18, 2017 is to pass a law

“* Preventing cities from regulating what property owners do with trees on private land.”

One should contact the governor and indicate you live in Cedar Hill, Texas and do not want to see its name changed to Hill, Texas in order to reflect the truth about the city.

Below are trees along the tree line at the 300 apartment building site on FM 1382.  These ribboned trees are rather large cedar trees.


This is the large pecan tree and it has a ribbon on it similar to the ones along the tree line.

Shown below is the tree line along FM 1382 with the large pecan tree to the left in the foregraound.

Unfortunately for the city the scene below does not show a transit line but the railroad tracks along Cedar Hill Road as seen from the overpass on FM 1382. Transit lines are decades away. 

Unfortunately for the citizens of Cedar Hill and roadrunners the trees to the right are a part of the 300 apartment unit development approved of by the mayor and city council on January 24, 2017.  And, all along Cedar Hill Road, the trees to the left and right are in jeopardy because this is land dedicated to the City Center development. See City Center menu item.